"I love creating, It's that simple."

My name is Matthew Booker. I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and retoucher. I first began my graphic design journey out of necessity. I was, at that time, a musician with a small budget who needed artwork for promotional material. So, I learned how to make my own (not that it was good). During that time, I began a job at a local print shop where I learned even more about the industry and established relationships with local venders. It was then, I saw the opportunity to meet the needs of my fellow associates who were in need of the same “lower cost” options I had. That’s when Design City was born. I have been designing ever since. 

While on my freelance journey, I began to experiment with photo manipulation. I was intrigued by the creativity in composite work, and I just wanted my pictures to be cool like the ones I saw in magazines. Then, I was introduced to the art of retouching, the 2010 Spring Gucci Campaign photographed by Mert & Marcus to be exact — Now I need pictures! Having had a DSLR for years, but having no clue how to really use it, I began studying photography and became completely obsessed. As a result, I have shifted my focus from just graphic design to photography, conceptual art, and post production.

Over the years, Design City has evolved from a small side gig of making club flyers and business cards into what I like to think of as a small full service design firm. Improving my skills and growing this company has become my life's focus. It has been a natural progression that looking back, only makes sense. I love creating, It's that simple.




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